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Todd Lubar – An Entrepreneur and Businessman on the Move

Todd Lubar continues to make his mark as a successful Maryland businessman. He is one of those people, like many who have achieved success that has traveled different and varied roads to get to where he is today. He attended Syracuse University and majored in Speech Communications. He has learned to leverage these skills throughout his life. Today, he leads a team of talented individuals as the President of TDL Global Ventures.


Lubar began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and excelled from 1995 to 1999. Afterward, he left to work for the Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas. He continued his success and helped the firm reach a yearly loan volume of several hundred million.


According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar is a successful businessman with a passion for helping people achieves their financial dreams. He has discovered that one of the most efficient ways to help people reach their financial goals is to help them remove the obstacles that prevent qualifying for a loan. As such, his breakthrough idea was to come up with a program that would provide consumers with relief, and clear the way for the loan with their name on it. Visit LinkedIn to know more.


Over the years Lubar has created an invaluable network of insurance agents, CPAs, financial planners, and real estate agents who provide an incredible source of referral business. As such, Luba has been able to purchase, sell, rehab, and profit from 200 or more real estate transactions for single and multi-family properties. His lines of credit have reached as high as 20 million dollars.


Successful people are able to carry everything forward they have learned and experienced in life. As such, success never happens overnight. A person, with or without their awareness, must lay the groundwork. Then, when opportunities arise, the individual has the means to make his or her mark.



Jon Urbana’s Finest Achievements To Date

Few people in this world are able to commit to more than one industry for their career achievements. Every so often, a person comes along that has the talent, skill and versatility to shine in more than one field of study. Jon Urbana is an inspirational man that deserves credit for his accomplishments, and he has received recognition from some of the top names in his fields of study. He has received recognition as an outstanding pilot. He has had write-ups on his musical style and career. He has experienced the joy of running a prestigious lacrosse camp. He has also had success in his videography career. This post will provide some of the background on Jon Urbana’s achievements.

Sky High Achievements

It takes a lot of patience and hard work to get your pilot’s license, especially when you’re busy hosting charity drives for the environment. Not every person who applies to become a pilot has what it takes to go through their programs. Jon Urbana received his pilot’s license, and he received a special recognition from the FAA. The FAA acknowledges Jon’s high level of attention to detail and safety procedures by giving him recognition in the Airman Certification Database.

Music Styling Of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana has received a write-up from MTV that discusses his influential style of music. He started his musical career with his first guitar and his first recording software. He has been sampling artists and creating new tracks ever since he started. His music features a distinct electronic sound. He’s been steadily building a Soundcloud for his followers to enjoy.


Jon Urbana is a born athlete. He has seen success in his endeavors playing lacrosse for Villanova in college, and he enjoys squash and skiing. He decided to build on his Facebook presence and work with others to found the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in order to teach youths about lacrosse.


Videography is Jon’s way of showing us his journey. His Vimeo account is the best way to stay up to date on his new adventures. Jon showcases nature at its finest. He also has some artistic videos.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

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North Korean Defector Devotes Life to Human Rights

There are certain people in the world that you would not want to make angry. One of those people is the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) Kim Jong Un. At the Women in the World Summit, 21 year old North Korean defector Yeonmi Park stated that she was one of those people whom Kim Jong Un does not like.

It was a bold statement that showed Park’s sense of humor but also shed light on the seriousness of the situation. Park was raised in fear as many North Korean children are. North Korean children would be taught North Korean propaganda even in elementary stages through math lessons that depicted killing Americans.

Unfortunately for Yeonmi Park of, this was not the extent of the negative circumstances surrounding her life. In order to protect her children who escaped North Korea to China, Park’s mother was raped. Before escaping to China, Park even admits to having to endure witnessing bloody inhumane executions. Park and her family endured many cold nights in the cold Gobi Dessert in order to experience the freedom that she has today.

Park now has dedicated her life to raising awareness to the lifestyle that North Korean citizens have no choice but to endure. For many North Korean youth, human trafficking is unfortunately a reality. It’s not uncommon for a young girl to be sold for $200. Park seeks to educate the world about these atrocities.

And Park’s speaking out has not gone unnoticed by the North Korean government. Even as a nuclear power with one of the most powerful armies in the world, the North Korean government have trained their eyes on Yeonmi Park and other North Korean defectors. The government released a propaganda hit piece entitled “The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet.” This 18 minute video attempts to silence Park’s activism by smearing this brave critic of North Korea.

However, in 2014, a United Nations inquiry into North Korea confirmed everything that Yeonmi Park has advocated for. Forced abortions, rape, violence, Nazi-like executions, starvation, and torturing are used everyday as intimidation by the North Korean government to bully their own citizens. And while this goes on, more North Korean citizens are finding ways to defect just as Yeonmi Park did when she was younger.

Now living in Seoul, South Korea, Yeonmi Park continues to fight to let her voice be heard around the world. She has created YouTube videos that have gone viral. She has been the featured speakers at many conferences and summits around the world in order to promote awareness of the atrocities in North Korea that infringe on human rights. And she continues to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let voice be heard around the world.