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Why an Appointment with a Good Beauty Surgery is Worth It

There are a lot of alternative procedures performed nowadays by beauty surgeons designed to replace the traditional form of surgery. They include lasers, peels, Botox and wrinkle erasers. They are increasingly becoming regular procedures for those who are afraid to go under the knife. But research shows that these procedures cannot match the level of effectiveness associated with the traditional form of beauty surgery where a doctor has to open up some parts of the body to correct things.


One of the reasons why most people are apprehensive about invasive surgery is because of increased incidences of failed procedures with some resulting in deaths. The reason for such fears is that a person may encounter unskilled surgeons who are not good at what they are doing. The truth is that there are a lot of beauty surgeons in the United States who have performed hundreds of thousands of cosmetic surgeries successfully. One of them is Dr Jennifer Walden.


Dr Jennifer Walden is a beauty surgeon with vast experience in a wide variety of procedures including breast adjustment, nose reshaping,lip surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelift. Her exemplary work has earned her a spot on the Harpers Bazaar’s list of top 24 beauty surgeons in the United States. Her remarkable record as a beauty surgeon also contributed to her selection in the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery board. She is the only woman to have been on the board since it was started. She is a woman who has a strong command of medical knowledge and research in beauty therapy.


Her strong ambitious nature and entrepreneurship mindset made her to start her own medical company known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She uses the company as a platform to enhance her skills and make a positive impact in people’s lives through her profession. Besides Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, she has affiliations at Westlake Medical Center, St David’s North Austin Medical Center and many others. She graduated from the University of Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Biology. She also received her medical doctorate from the University of Texas. Walden also values family, and she always takes time out of her busy schedule to spend time with her two children.