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George Soros’ Contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and His Remarks after the Election Results

U.S. business magnate George Soros came out of the sea after years of inactivity to fund 2016 democratic presidential elections. George Soros has been active in funding democratic politics and causes. The Federal Election Commission and Soros’ associates estimate that he funded Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates’ campaign to a tune of $25 million.

George Soros’ wealth portfolio stands at an estimated $24 billion, which he amassed through risky financial trades. The 85-year-old business mogul, who owes his roots in Hungary, had drawn up a plan to attend the Democratic convention to meet up with Hillary whom they have had more than 25-year relationship. However, George Soros later shelved the plan to concentrate on monitoring the unfolding events in Europe. He actively returned to active trading after sitting out for many years.

People close to the billionaire said he started to get actively involved in political as the countdown drew nearer. His associates pointed out that his main motivation for actively engaging and funding Clinton campaign at was due to his gut belief in Hillary Clinton, and the growing fear of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who he views as a potential threat to democracy, by advancing undemocratic policies.

Michael Vachon, George Soros’ political advisor, in a statement, said that his client had been a donor towards Democratic Party causes for many years, but this year’s election is special on Forbes. He pointed out that the stakes in the previous elections have been equally high due to the hostilities perpetrated by other Republican candidates towards his Democratic policies, which he truly cares about, and has dedicated his entire life to defend. The causes he has dedicated his life to protect include religious tolerance, immigration reforms, and criminal justice reforms.

The all-out approach by Soros to expend cash to get the best of Trump was viewed among Democrats as a good sign for Hillary Clinton. Soros was even seen as able to influence other rich activists to chip in.

George Soros actions prompted other elite liberal donors to sign off big checks such as New York hedge funder, Don Sussman, who donated $13.2 million to different committees and campaigns, Tom Steyer , the San Francisco environmentalist, who donated to a tune of $31 million in 2016 alone and media magnates Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, who both donated $11.1 million.

The entire effect of Soros’ mobilization of the rich donors really boosted Clinton’s campaign and its affiliated outside groups by building a strong financial base over Tramp campaign on Some of the groups Soros funded include Immigrant Voters Win that was committed to boosting turnout among low Hispanic voters in main swing states. He donated an estimated $5 million towards the cause.

He also donated a further $5 million to an NGO dedicated to battling conservative campaigns to limit voting. The NGO, called the Voting Rights Trust, was in fact partly run by Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer.

George Soros was upset about Trump’s win, but said that he will still work with NGOs, activists, and other groups to ensure that democracy is preserved. He particularly pointed out that he’ll focus on immigration, the justice system, and trade.

Venezuela On The Brink Of Economic And Political Implosion

Venezuela was perhaps best known for its outspoken late former President Hugo Chavez. However in since Chavez’s death in 2013, the country has been steadily progressing towards what looks like a financial and political implosion. Even though the country is currently not in the throes of a violent conflict its citizens are living under conditions that are often produced by the kind of destabilization that a war can cause.
According to The Christian Science Monitor lawlessness and gang activity are rising in the wake of Venezuela’s economic and political crisis. The people of Venezuela are living through wartime conditions including the limited availability of critical medicines in Venezuela’s hospitals, food shortages and scarcity of jobs. According to reports, US-based beverage company Coca-Cola has stopped manufacturing the drink in Venezuela due to sugar shortages that the country is currently experiencing. It was also reported  by that one of the nation’s biggest companies Empresas Polar was forced to stop manufacturing beer because there was not enough barley available in Venezuela to produce the beverage. The production of electricity has also reached an all-time low in Venezuela.

Expert Diaz Granados say that the source of Venezuela’s economic and political woes can be traced to political mismanagement. Ricardo Hausmann, a former Venezuelan government official, told The Christian Science Monitor that Venezuela’s economic transformation would only be possible after it underwent a political transformation. Hausmann says that Venezuela’s leader President President Nicolás Maduro is misguidedly saying that the source of the country’s problems is a conspiracy spearheaded by the United States. Maduro’s facebook comments have led a Latin American political stalwart to call him the equivalent of a crazy goat.



Yeonmi Park: “Kim Jong-Un is Not a Joke” “

Kim Jong-Un, this man he is not a joke,” a tearful Yeonmi Park said during her NK News interview. “We have paradise here. This is heaven while he’s killing 25 million there.” Twenty-three-year-old Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea when she was just thirteen years old. Her mother paid smugglers to guide them through the cold dark of night and across treacherous terrain that could have easily claimed their lives. Fleeing from the harsh rule of King Jong-Un was all that was on her mother’s mind. Yeonmi witnessed great atrocities in North Korea. She witnessed the execution of a family friend accused of watching an American-made film. Her father, a civil servant, was in prison when Yeonmi and her mother began their trek to China. He had been arrested for smuggling metal, the profits of which he saved to hire smugglers to guide his family safely out of the country. Yeonmi’s family faced starvation in her father’s absence and she, along with her mother, hired smugglers to guide them out of the country. They believed that their new lives would begin in China, but Yeonmi and her mother were faced with even more terror. Yeonmi watched as her mother was raped. She and her mother were sold into slavery. Yeonmi was kept her mother, and they were later freed. The dream of freedom was still on their minds as they began to make their way from China and through Mongolia in an attempt to reach South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother arrived in South Korea. They were unaccustomed to the freedom and had difficulty adjusting. “My father never knew this kind of democracy existed,” Yeonmi said. “There are so many things that ‘do not exist’ in North Korea. We do not have words for stress and trauma. We do not have counselors for these things. Just to have food is the happiest thing ever for me.” Yeonmi enrolled in college where she studied criminal justice. She has become a human rights activist and is an avid public speaker. Yeonmi also penned a memoir of her ordeal, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.