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Environmental issues are at the heart of the S’well story


Plastic water bottles are causing problems throughout the world as more and more are being dumped each year into landfills, S’well founder Sarah Kauss estimates around 50 billion bottles are dumped each year in the US. This huge number and the fact she had always carried a metal water bottle inspired Kauss to develop her own range of insulated water bottles targeted to those using them in their everyday lives. CNN reports Kauss was inspired by a talk given at her five year reunion for business school and a feeling that her own water bottle did not meet the aesthetic needs of her professional life.

The business school reunion took place in 2009 and has been followed by a period of development that has seen Kauss push the environmental impact her BPA free bottles could have in replacing plastic water bottles. Three types of bottle are now produced in various styles that range in price from $25 to $45, these bottles are also sold by a number of the top retailers in the country. Despite the success that saw S’well bottles publicized in O Magazine and reach $10 million in revenue in 2014 the focus remains on assisting the environment. A range of bottles has now been produced by S’well in a wood inspired design that will see the company plant a tree in a US forest for each bottle sold. Kauss explains her company planted more than 20,000 trees in her hometown of Jasper, Florida in 2014 on the back of sales of the wood patterned bottles.