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I Had To Have Securus Because I Am A Priest

I am not up to date on all the things that kids use today to talk, and that has been a problem for me when I get asked to talk to prisoners who are in jail. I have had families come to me asking me to talk to someone who is sitting in prison, and it is very hard for me to call someone if I think the calls are not secure. My relationship with god is on the line because I have to keep the sacrament of confession, but my church signed me up for Securus.

I had to check on Securus, and I found out that they are really the only company that helps people make secure calls to jails. I have to make sure all my parishoners know I am talking to them in a place where they will not be put in danger of exposing their confessional talks. The confessional is important to me, but I know I am doing right by God because we picked out the company that is helping us secure the souls, hearts and minds of people who went to our church.

My life as a priest is really difficult because I do not have a car to go to a jail. I cannot visit anyone I want when I want, but I have an account the church got for me with Securus. This is the only way I can protect the souls of the people in my parish, and I have to take it really seriously because they are going to be damned without my care for their souls. I get nervous every time I talk on the phone with someone who has done something bad, but at least I can talk to them in a way that I think protects the sacrament.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.