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Building the Future with Roberto Santiago

A man must wear many hats. Roberto Santiago is no exception. This businessman owns The Manaira Shopping mall which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the area. It first opened its doors to customers in the late eighties, and the location was one of the reasons it took off as well as it did. One of the first big projects which are still one of the strongest achievements in the real estate investment market in Brazil. It also offers visitors leisure activities with 11 cinema screens that used the newest projection options to make their customers experience the best.


There is a VIP room a 3D room where people can watch the newest films. The mall also contains a theatre, a large food court, a rooftop concert hall, a fitness centre, banks, and even a college. Visitors can spend time in the arcade game station with more than 200 different game machines on offer to satisfy everybody’s needs. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, there is something for you too. It also has a modern bowling alley for people who love this sport.


Domus Hall which is also a part of the compound is one of the largest concert halls. Equipped with modern technology it has a four thousand people capacity if seated. Standing space allows for ten thousand to enjoy the shows.


Roberto Santiago comes from Joao Pessoa in Brazil. His career started in a carton manufacturing plant when he was quite young. After some time spent manufacturing cardboard, he moved to real estate with his first significant investment, the shopping mall. The food court was expanded and renovated a couple of times to give visitors more choice and more space. People come to the mall daily and


Roberto Santiago has a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Although the visitors come from all over the region, the mall is still growing. This investment is his pride and joy and a clear sign that making a bold decision pays off. He could have never known if the project would be a success when he took it on, but because he is not afraid to make bold decisions, Roberto Santiago delved right in and made his first real estate contribution to Brazil something big.


People like Roberto Santiago change the real estate market and raise the quality bar higher, making competitors work harder to be able to match the standard at least. It is not easy to do, but talent and real leadership certainly helped Roberto Santiago achieve his goals.