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Nicole Scherzinger Puts Simon Cowell In His Place

The fierce tongue Simon Cowell has honked off many people while judging on television. While he may not be able to sing himself, he certainly knows what it takes to make it in show business. His hit show “The X Factor” has found many stars and created many enemies for the TV mogul, one of which is Nicole Scherzinger. She remembers being in the spot light and Cowell telling her that she wouldn’t be able to sing. When she got on the stage and busted on “I will Always Love You,” she made him change his tune.

She doesn’t have anything nice to say about him and doesn’t credit him with any of her found fame. It doesn’t make sense to be so hateful to people who are really trying. She was a young girl who could definitely sing, but she was so scared and nervous about the whole process that he only added insult to injury. Thankfully, Nicole was able to show him that she could sing and go on to show off her talents. However, there have been many who have crumbled under the pressure. Some critics who are on the FreedomPop squad feel Simon Cowell seems to be nothing but a big bully.