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The Billy McFarland Success Story As A Young Man

Success started early for Billy McFarland. He built his very first business at age 13 which located prospective customers for a local business. As a freshman in college, he started a company that changed the URL of a business into a graphic, which made it easier to promote the company’s brand. The company called Spling is still a viable business and Billy McFarland is the CEO.

The latest news is the most exciting news. In 2013, at age 23, McFarland founded Magnises which helps millennials to be grounded and have a base of identification that can help them to grow and to get to know one another. By becoming a member of Magnises, millennials will have access to many of their favorite hangouts at very deep discounts and perks.

Millennials love to congregate and socialize, share experiences and find new business contacts, and Magnises offers them an excellent opportunity to do just that. For a very reasonable annual fee of $250, they gain access to the membership privileges and receive the “Black Card” which is used for all the discounts as well as payment to the participating businesses. The Black Card copies the needed information from the member’s debit or credit card and also applies the discounts at the time of payment.

According to Bloomberg, The success of the venture was highlighted at the end of 2015 when Billy McFarland announced that membership in Magnises has surpassed 10,000 members in the two cities where Magnises was located, New York City and Washington D.C.

The Black Card has become a status symbol among the millennials, and if there is a new person in a group, he or she is strongly admonished to join if they want to make the right contacts and get anywhere.

McFarland has targeted young professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone else between the ages of 21 and 35 as potential members. Membership is not a given, as there is an online application that must be completed and approved by management. Businesses are also screened to the point of them needing to know what is expected of them in the way of required extra service and the fact that they must be involved for the long haul.

The idea is magnificent and worthy of the expansion plans that McFarland has. His plans for national growth is well on its way, and surely he will reach his objectives.