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Younger Season Finale Promises Big Changes

After Liza told Josh her secret on last night’s episode of Younger and the promo for “The Old Ma’am and the C” played during the end credits, fans of TV Land’s breakout series immediately knew that the last episode of this season is going to be epic.

[Spoilers ahead!]

The first scene of the finale promo revealed that Josh didn’t leave the party — only the room. He and Liza are shown sitting side-by-side and Liza says, “It will break my heart, but I totally understand if you never want to see me again.” Josh then walks away.

In the next scene, Diana asks Liza if she’s been crying, and then Liza tells Kelsey that she’s the “best [friend] she’s made in a long time.”

Someone Diana is eating with at a restaurant seems to recognize Liza. She later calls Liza and says, “I knew it was you.”

Maggie tells Liza she’s living in a “shadow world” and that sometimes she will have to play by “shadow rules” — whatever that means. Diana tells Liza that they have a little problem on their hands.

The last scene shows Josh and Liza outside. Josh, who looks again like he’s been crying, seems to also be looking at Liza with wonder.

This scene suggests that he might be willing to be with her. Many fans like Russian born Alexei Beltyukov, have their fingers crossed that the relationship will survive Liza’s lies.