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Major’s New Life in Question

In last night’s Season 1 finale of The CW’s iZombie, Liz made some extreme decisions that could destroy Major’s life. Fans at Madison Street Capital are poised on the edges of their chairs.

[Warning: Spoilers.]

Major finally took out the criminal zombies at the Meat Cute, but Blaine stabbed him. Believing she had no other choice, Liv scratched Major on the neck to turn him into a zombie. Although Liv thought Major would be happy that he was somewhat alive, he was angry about Liv’s lies and the choices she made for the two of them without his input. After Major pointed out that he would never want to be a zombie, Liv injected him with the last dose of Ravi’s potential cure.

Today, many fans of the show believe that Liv’s decisions could destroy Major for several reasons:

As Ravi tried to point out to Liv, he had only one and a half to two doses of the serum and no more of the bad batch of the drug that causes zombie-ism when mixed with Max Rager. Not only could Liv’s decision result in a zombie apocalypse if a cure isn’t found soon, the serum was never tested on humans. Ravi and Liv have no way of knowing what types of side effects it could have on Major. It could make him, after a short period as human, a more violent zombie. It could make his version of zombie-ism infectious. It could kill him.