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Could Hannibal Show Up on Netflix or Amazon?

The producers of the recently cancelled Hannibal series have done what many following the entertainment industry expected. They are pitching the fourth season to Netflix and Amazon. Could the fourth season return via streaming? Doe Deere believes that it is quite possible.

Although NBC airs the program, NBC does not actual create Hannibal. The DeLaurentiis Company, along with several international partners, produce the program. Hence, the possibility does exist the fourth season could continue on in production and then air on another channel. Network and cable television channels are not keen on picking up a show that was cancelled after low ratings, much less a show that delivered low ratings for three straight seasons. Netflix and Amazon, however, might find the pickup to be a coup.

Streaming original programming is a new and highly successful concept. The marketing spin here would be Amazon or Netflix is able to succeed where networks failed. A company could make this spin even if the fourth season of Hannibal was still a failure. Perception, as they say, is everything.

Both Netflix and Amazon are weighing options to pick up the show. The producers of Hannibal have been in formal talks with both. Whether or not the series can be picked up remains to be seen. Reportedly, international backers of the program might not want to finance the series if it continues solely as a streaming venture. Hopefully, they won’t be so narrow-minded and ignore a great offer if it arises.