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Search, Snap, And Then Buy

Visual searches are the new technology when it comes to doing a broad search for any item. Websites such as Google and Yahoo were made very popular because of what they had to offer. They allow an individual to search online for any information or item that they would like to choose from. When it comes to an item that an individual is interested in purchasing, at times it could be difficult for them to be able to find the exact item that they want. By putting information in a search engine they may be able to narrow down the choices for an item, but in the end they may have to search through pages in order to find what they are looking for.

With a visual search that time and effort used to search for a desired item is completely and totally eliminated. All that a person has to do is take a picture of the item that they are looking for, and it will come right up on their screen and be ready for them to purchase. Every day we passed items that we are interested in. We may want to know how much they cost, and we may want to purchase those exact items. It may be a pair of earrings that we saw in the store that we couldn’t afford, it may be a luxury car, it may be a plant, or it may be an item of clothing. Whatever that item may be, now with a visual search all that an individual has to have is the right application, and they are ready to go.

Slyce is a leading company in the field of visual search. They offer different applications that a person can download to their electronic device. Once those applications are downloaded, all that a person has to do is take a picture using that app, and soon they will be on their way to purchasing their favorite item. Visual searches have eliminated the need to do a Google search, because a person can use their application to find the exact item that they want when they want it.

The Best In Visual Search Technology

Visual search is a normal part of a person’s perception that is used to identify specific objects. This visual process is typically carried out whenever a person scans an area or a series of objects to locate one specific item. All people use this visual practice whenever they search for lost objects or try to find people within a crowd.

Technology that mimics this process has been developed and is now being implemented in a lot of warehousing and retail establishments. Visual search technology is used to count products, to find specific brands out of a group, for locating suspected criminals and for biometric applications.
Search Types

There are three basic scanning methods that is used for visual search and they include:

1. Conjunction Search

This method requires a visual device to scan for objects that are similar in shape, color, size and form. This scanning method takes more time to complete since the targeted objects (items that have to be found) are nearly identical. This method is also known as inefficient search.

2. Feature Search

Feature search requires scanners to locate objects that have a different shape, color and form. Since objects are not similar in form they can be quickly identified with this method. Feature search is the easiest and quickest visual search technology and it is also known as efficient search.

3. Image Search

Image search requires a huge database of pictures so that scanning device or person can scan or upload an image file to find a match. It will also use descriptions, classifications and links to help find images. Image search usually takes place on two levels. One method compares the entire unknown image with the next and the other compares parts or regions of an unknown image. This type of visual search technology is now being developed at a great pace.

Visual search technology is being developed by companies such as Slyce which is a visual search provider for retailers and brands. They use apps and image based technology to connect shoppers with products and important brand information. Consumers will be able to snap a product and then purchase it with some of Slyce’s technology.

Retailers can also use Slyce’s technology for social media tagging and display campaigns and convert physical advertising into digital information about products and brands for consumers. Slyce provides these visual technology services and many more for any business in need. Visual search technology is on the rise and the technology is currently one of the most useful tools for e-commerce and other technology based applications.

matt landis black tank

Ultimate Summer Fashion Extravaganza with Matt Landis

When it comes to summer fashion it can be a tough choice on who to trust for the latest and greatest styles that will be ultra hot in the hottest months of the year. As possibly the most exciting fashion season, the summer is when everyone is ready to show off their body and their sense of style. To help ensure that you’re going to look great this summer and not embarrass yourself or your friends and family, we’ve got an incredible review gallery featuring the summer sensation Matt Landis himself. Let’s see what Matt will be wearing this summer.

matt landis no shirt

In this photo we see Matt wearing a somewhat perturbed expression and wearing something that’s both simple, yet very striking. This outfit is one that turns heads at the beach or when walking down the street. The open gray jacket is great for showing off your abs if you have them and if you don’t, just give it a zip and no one will see your muffin top. The shoulder stripes accentuate the shoulders, giving them a broad, masculine look. The brown shorts are short enough to show off your quads if you have them but long enough that you won’t look weird if you don’t. The loafer style shoes are also a great casual option for the summer.

matt landis vintage

If you’re into retro style t-shirts then you probably love the one Matt is wearing in the photo above. Needless to say, the better your physique, the better any t-shirt is going to look on you. That said, the dull yellow shirt featuring the blue truck and mountain scenery is very subtle yet sure to get a few glances. The sleeves are cut short to show off your biceps and the neck is tight, perfect for showing off those traps. And if you don’t have biceps or traps, no big deal, your awesome retro shirt still has a truck, a cactus, and mountains on it.

matt landis summer

In this photo Matt is rocking a look that would have been goofy a few years ago but really stands out today as avant-garde. The fine knit of the long sleeve shirt makes a perfect match for the dotted blue button up shirt underneath. This duality is further enhanced by the fact that he’s wearing a pair of teal shorts. It’s like someone took the idea of fashion, turned it on its head, and made it look good anyway. The flip flops are also a nice addition, very casual and very cool.
matt landis black tank

Here we have Matt Landis on a treadmill it looks like. And what better to wear when working out than a super sexy mesh tank top. The black color of the tank top really works with Matt’s tan and the black shorts provide a monochromatic style that stands out despite using neutral colors. As with most of the clothing Matt tends to model, how good it looks on your may in some ways depend on your physique. However, this outfit could work for just about anyone.