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Super Heros Dominate Fall Network Schedules

The network television content has been struggling to find its voice and set its self apart from each other. The pending fall 2015 schedule has been released and fans of comic books at Skout have a lot to look forward too. The headline show is CBS’s offering of Supergirl. Reviews were very well received after a more than eight minute preview of the show. Many have noted that current offerings of super heros on television have learned their lesson from past attempts and producers have moved away from campy offering and, instead are providing smarter content, character development and story lines.Network Television Brings Super Heroes To Line Up

Such was the offering with CW’s Arrow and Flash. Both from the DC Comic world the shows have been highly rated and have been applauded for the story line as well as the action. Concurrent with the CW’s shows is the runaway success of Fox’s “Gotham,” which is a prequel to the Batman story line. Television producers have realized that super heros and comic book content have detailed and very intriguing story lines that readers and viewers can relate to. Most super hero characters have complex lives that many people relate to, even though they live in a real world and not the fantasy world of the super heros.

ABC has also experienced success with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” which as tied into the Marvel comic book story line. AOS has also tied into new movie blockbusters released by Marvel on the large screen.

Should People Watch Supergirl Trailer Recut?

After CBS released its “Supergirl” trailer, fan complaints resulted in one fan, Tim Gonzales, editing it so that the series would seem more like an epic The CW superhero show fans might watch rather than a “Devil Wears Prada meets teenage girl superhero” show.

Yet, although the edit does a fantastic job of making the pilot appear a lot more interesting and action-packed, some fans and critics are recommending that viewers watch the original CBS trailer before they watch the Gonzales’ cut according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

The fan-made trailer is not an honest representation of what viewers should expect from “Supergirl” when the series is released in November. Some people believe that viewers are setting themselves up for potentially serious disappointment if they watch the fan-made trailer first. After all, if they enjoy the fan-made trailer without seeing the original, they may not enjoy the “Supergirl” pilot since it appears to depict a somewhat shallow heroine; as well as drama and action sequences set to a “bubbly” soundtrack.

As several entertainment writers have pointed out, the genie is out of the bottle: Fans of The CW superhero shows from DC Comics, and even Fox’s “Gotham” and NBC’s former “Constantine,” are interested in darker-yet-comedic TV shows about their favorite superheroes and antiheroes. Based on the CBS uncut “Supergirl” trailer alone, young teenage girls may enjoy “Supergirl,” but it’s unlikely to appeal to the same demographic as other existing series.