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Dr. Greg Finch Reaches The Pinnacle Of The Orthopedic Surgery Field

The medical field of orthopedic surgery is a well known one of many individuals who have had their bones, joints, tendons, or ligaments worked on by surgeons, such as the world renowned Australian Dr. Greg Finch. One of the areas of importance for Dr. Greg Finch has been the growing use of technology in the field of orthopedic surgery, such as the use of microfracture surgery that helps develop new catrilage by causing small fractures in joints that have become damaged by the high wear and maintenance of the knees.


Not all orthopedic surgery techniques are based around the developments made by sports focused orthopedic surgeons, such as the development of microfracture surgery by Dr. Richard Steadman in the 1990s; other areas of orthopedic surgical procedures can include foot and ankle surgeries that can be developed to combat certain medical procedures and trauma based injuries. Simple surgical techniques can include bunionectomies that can be used on regular occasions to assist in the removal of bunions and other bone based deformities of the ankle and foot.


Dr. Greg Finch has been a major part of the global push towards developing the latest surgical techniques and technologies to make sure patients in the Rockhampton Hospital the orthopedic surgery specialist calls home. As a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons the work of Dr. Greg Finch has been recognized as among the best in the nation for the high level of education and training Dr. Greg Finch has completed as he sought to become one of the leading surgeons in the world.


The work of Dr. Greg Finch has been recognized by a number of important medical groups, such as the Australian Orthopedic Association, who have made the surgeon a Fellow. Dr. Greg Finch has never been willing to remain still in his work as a surgical specialist and set out to develop his career by traveling to various parts of Europe and North America to bring the latest techniques and technologies to his patients in Australia.