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The rise of rally driver Michel Terpin.

As one of the most renowned sports in Brazil, rallying continues to attract some of the best competitors both from within the country and across the borders. Michel Terpin is one of the best competitive drivers in Brazil and with a record that could match any of the other top competitors. He has shown his talents in the cross country championships where he is now the chairman of the sport.

During his cross-country days, he was able to grow from a relatively unknown kid to the top of the pack. He was regarded as one of the best champions in cross country this was in part due to his consistency as a strong finisher in the sport. He was very aggressive and this helped him achieve a lot in a very short time as compared to other competitors.

He would later move into rallying. This is where he would continue to show his competitive side especially after forming the Bull Sertões Rally Team which was the enlisted team for all the competitions they took part in. The Bull Sertões Rally Team has been on the rise and this in part is due to the partnership that they formed with one of the best rally car developers MEM motorsport corporation. MEM brought onboard their expertise and was able to develop the T-rex a special car that competes in the T1 prototype category.

In the initial years the car would be faced by several challenges but by the 25th edition of then Sertões Rally the had been able to give it better handling, navigation capabilities, improved suspension as well as overall better braking. This was what saw Michel Terpin take on navigator Maykel Justo as his new partner where they were able to form a very formidable team.

Maykel Justo is an experienced navigator and to this end despite the changes in the route of the Sertões Rally which now comprised of three thousand three hundred kilometers of all-around terrain. The route would be made up of 1,999 special terrains and this was where his exceptional skills would help Michel Terpins shine and ensure that he emerged at the top again.