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The Flash Season 2 Predictions

After Tuesday night’s finale of “The Flash,” a lot of people who have read the comics or followed the cast and crew spoilers made their predictions about the second season:

The “Flash Comics” started in 1940. As a result, there are many stories about The Flash, including stories about the original Flash, Jay Garrick, alternate versions of Barry Allen, future characters who became The Flash and alternate timelines created by various speedsters.

The writers for “The Flash” have many stories they could tell. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick know that they’ve hinted that they will explore Earth 2 from the “Flash of Two Worlds” comic. The finale also hinted at this direction when the helmet of the original and Earth 2 Flash, Jay Garrick, fell out of the wormhole. This suggested that Barry might meet Garrick next season on Earth 2. The writers have also stated that they will definitely be exploring the African-American version of “The Flash” named Wally West from The New 52 series.

While racing into the past, Barry also saw potential futures, including one in which Caitlin Snow becomes the villain known as Killer Frost from The New 52 “Justice League of America #7.2 / Killer Frost #1” comic.

Lastly, Thawne/Wells suggested that Cisco could be a metahuman that senses vibrations in the universe. This was a hint that Cisco will become the superhero Vibe who first appeared in the 1984 “Justice League of America Annual #2.”