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Bruce Levenson’s Role In Sports Ownership

Antony Ressler is working in conjunction with the ownership group for the Atlanta Hawks regarding the sale of this team. Ressler is best known as an investor with access to equity in the billions.

The group Ressler is working with includes Grant Hill, a previous player with the NBA and Jesse Itzler. They are purchasing the Hawks from Bruce Levenson and other assorted investors for a total of $850 million dollars according to The owners are expected to give their approval to the team’s sale.

Ressler made a statement saying becoming the Hawk’s new stewards is both an honor and absolutely thrilling. He fully respects the process the NBA goes through and is sending plenty of luck to the Hawk’s for the playoffs. The amount the team is selling for is said to be a very strong number in regards to the current market.

The NBA has an extremely strong product in todays market and are a reflection of what the market may become in the future. Bruce Levenson along with other individuals purchased not only the Hawks, but the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and the rights to use Philips Arena for a total of $250 million back in 2004. They then sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.

Ressler was interested in purchasing the Clippers from Los Angeles previously but Steve Ballmer’s price of $2 billion dollars was more than his team was willing to pay. Ressler also has a small ownership in the Brewers from Milwaukee. Hill decided he wanted to be a part of Ressler’s group and did join. It is believed Hill will also have a very small stake in the ownership but according to the NBA’s new rules it must be a minimum of one per cent.

Are Streaming Sites Really Killing Reality TV?

On Monday, May 18, Reddit users were still discussing last week’s story from Bloomburg that covered how some experts believe that streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are killing traditional reality TV.

Yet, the primary discussion wasn’t about how streaming sites impact reality TV, but how reality TV impacts regular television.

Most of the discussion participants agreed that there is way too much reality television on basic network channels. Many viewers, like Crystal Hunt have switched to streaming because they are not finding as much of the same quality programming on free channels as they can find on streaming sites even though many network shows, such as “Hannibal,” “Gotham” and “Forever” look like the best cable shows.

Some Reddit users also noted that for every cheaply made reality TV show that takes advantage of the life of someone less fortunate, there are plenty of quality ones that people love to watch and that entertain them. Another Reddit user pointed out that the reason streaming sites are less than enthusiastic about reality TV is not so much because it’s dying as a genre but because streaming sites can’t get as much “replay” out of it since most people watch reality TV episodes only one time.

It appears that streaming sites are not killing reality television. Instead, they are helping to reveal that the lowest and worst forms of it are not appealing to intelligent, modern audiences.

Gene Francis is Back for General Hospital

ABC announced that the famous actress Genie Francis is coming back to General Hospital. It seems her role has been on again off again for several years now. She first appeared on the show back in the 1970’s and quickly became a member of one of the most noticeable couples in soap opera history.

Francis plays Laura Spencer and she was hooked up with Luke Spencer. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that the duo’s wedding in the 1980’s was by far the most memorable of all time. Even the news channels hyped the union and it was everything they expected it to be. Over the years though, the couple split and got back together more times than you could count. This caused fans to tire of the drama and long for a romantic union between the two.

When Francis last left the show, she was taken to a mental hospital and written off. However, fans are wanting a great storyline for her that is full of love and Luke Spencer. Hopefully with the declining ratings of the show, they will give the fans what they want and with whom they want it.

There has been no official announcement as to how many episodes she will appear in or if she is there for the long haul. At any rate, it is a good move on the executives part by brining back this iconic legend even if it is just for a few episodes.

John Stewart’s Final Daily Show

A comedic era is coming to a close; John Stewart will be leaving the Daily Show in August. Stewart announced last night that he would be hosting his final show on the 6th of August, and beginning a new career as the “non-host of the Daily Show”. The veteran comedian promised that he would be wearing a suit and showered, but quickly amended this to wearing overalls, and unshowered. Stewart also announced that the final show’s tickets would be distributed via a raffle. As Igor Cornelsen understands, winners will be flown in, stay in a hotel paid for by Comedy Central, and be live in studio for the final episode. Profits from the raffle are set to go to Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars”. The charity group focuses on autism education, and Stewart has played an active role in many of their events.

As was previously announced, South African comedian Trevor Noah will be taking John Stewart’s place. It is currently unknown if the show will resume on August 7th with the new host, or if a brief downtime will follow Stewart’s departure.

NBC to air Comic Relief special

The popular UK fund raiser will make its debut on US network NBC in 2015, the BBC reports. Few details about the event have been released, but Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis confirmed that a US version would take place and benefit charities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the US. For 30 years the British version of the charity based telethon has appeared on the BBC every two years and has raised more than $1 billion for charities int he UK and across the globe.

Paul Mathieson ( has learned that the latest version will air on NBC networks and is expected to attract big name stars to the small screen in a bid to raise awareness of the charities involved and raise money during the live show. The 2015 British Comic Relief telethon raised more than $78 million during a single day of events, which saw celebrities Emma Watson and Daniel Craig appear in sketches and TV specials. It has yet to be announced whether the NBC version will follow the same themes as the UK charity event, which sees red noses sold throughout the UK to raise money and members of the general public encouraged to do something funny in return for sponsorship.

Lady Gaga Joins The Cast Of American Horror Story

Breaking news has hit the press for all of the American Horror Story fans out there: Lady Gaga is officially a part of the cast for next year’s season. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the singer and entertainer has gained her fame by making hit songs and singing at concerts, however now she is turning to the silver screen as well.

Even though no one knows the theme of next year’s American Horror Story season, it is already set in stone that Gaga will be a part of it. BlogSpot had suggested that’s interesting is the rise of many celebrities now wanted to join this FX show that not many people have heard of a few years ago. Last season some big names like Neil Patrick Harris joined the crew for about four episodes at the end, and may others have expressed an interest in joining the cast of spooky characters.

One can only imagine what kind of role Lady Gaga will get on the show. Will she be a villain? Or will she be one of the few “good guys” in the series. American Horror Story is not known for its frills or warm feelings, so if the singer is going to be a part of that bandwagon then she will most likely be evil in some way. American Horror Story will premiere its new season in the fall of this year.

Cable Networks are Speeding Up Their Shows to Fit in More Ads

It’s no surprise that networks make money from advertising. It seems that they are trying to squeeze even more revenue from commercials by upping the number shown to viewers in each show segment. People at Rocket Fuel know that the tactic seems to be speeding up old shows or reruns in an effort to capture more revenue due to their slip in rankings.

Episodes such as Seinfeld, Friends, and the movie The Wizard of Oz have all been discovered to be have been sped upduring broadcasts. Networks are even speeding up the credits on shows such as Law and Order to fit more ads in.

A&E, for example, had an average of 3 additional minutes of commercials per hour than in 2013 and The History channel added 2 minutes to their total commercial time.

These sneaky tactics seem to be due to the intense competition that traditional media companies face in the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and other forward-thinking content distributors. In fact, Amazon just announced a plan to release 12 exclusive films on their Amazon Video platform. HBO also plans to launch a streaming service in March of 2015, adding to the steep list of competitors.

The message from consumers seems to be clear: we don’t want to see ads, and we’ll switch companies to prove it. While the cable companies scramble to release positive PR around this debacle, their customers may just be scrambling to use one of the many new services that are completely ad-free.