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The Flash Season 2 Predictions

After Tuesday night’s finale of “The Flash,” a lot of people who have read the comics or followed the cast and crew spoilers made their predictions about the second season:

The “Flash Comics” started in 1940. As a result, there are many stories about The Flash, including stories about the original Flash, Jay Garrick, alternate versions of Barry Allen, future characters who became The Flash and alternate timelines created by various speedsters.

The writers for “The Flash” have many stories they could tell. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick know that they’ve hinted that they will explore Earth 2 from the “Flash of Two Worlds” comic. The finale also hinted at this direction when the helmet of the original and Earth 2 Flash, Jay Garrick, fell out of the wormhole. This suggested that Barry might meet Garrick next season on Earth 2. The writers have also stated that they will definitely be exploring the African-American version of “The Flash” named Wally West from The New 52 series.

While racing into the past, Barry also saw potential futures, including one in which Caitlin Snow becomes the villain known as Killer Frost from The New 52 “Justice League of America #7.2 / Killer Frost #1” comic.

Lastly, Thawne/Wells suggested that Cisco could be a metahuman that senses vibrations in the universe. This was a hint that Cisco will become the superhero Vibe who first appeared in the 1984 “Justice League of America Annual #2.”

Gene Francis is Back for General Hospital

ABC announced that the famous actress Genie Francis is coming back to General Hospital. It seems her role has been on again off again for several years now. She first appeared on the show back in the 1970’s and quickly became a member of one of the most noticeable couples in soap opera history.

Francis plays Laura Spencer and she was hooked up with Luke Spencer. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that the duo’s wedding in the 1980’s was by far the most memorable of all time. Even the news channels hyped the union and it was everything they expected it to be. Over the years though, the couple split and got back together more times than you could count. This caused fans to tire of the drama and long for a romantic union between the two.

When Francis last left the show, she was taken to a mental hospital and written off. However, fans are wanting a great storyline for her that is full of love and Luke Spencer. Hopefully with the declining ratings of the show, they will give the fans what they want and with whom they want it.

There has been no official announcement as to how many episodes she will appear in or if she is there for the long haul. At any rate, it is a good move on the executives part by brining back this iconic legend even if it is just for a few episodes.

Has The True Fate Of Agent Carter Been Sealed?

So, what will be the fate of Agent Carter on ABC? The answer to that question is not only something fans want to know, but all the people involved with the production are asking the same question. Star Hayley Atwell has noted a decision on renewing the program for a second season is going to be made within a few weeks. That is not the best sign for the show. The series ran 8 episodes during the debut season and, if the show was a real hit, then a second season would have been ordered immediately. Obviously, that has not happened and no decision regarding a renewal has been made.

Sad to say, Agent Carter was not exactly a really great show. The program did attempt to draw in fans of superhero films by displaying the early adventures of SHIELD through the exploits of Agent Carter. The trouble with the premise is we do not get any superheroes. Besides, Agents of SHEILD already provides fans with a little insight into the adventures of the spy team. Was there really a need for a second show set decades in the past?

Had the quality of the show been something special, then fans probably would be rallying behind it. Overall, Agent Carter is a pretty average show and fans of superhero and Marvel programming want something a lot better than average.

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG learned through an ABC article that a cancellation sentence has not been pronounced on the show just yet. For good news to surface, however, the show-runners definitely have to provide compelling evidence the show is going to be able to overcome the hurdles that have sandbagged the series.