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Gene Francis is Back for General Hospital

ABC announced that the famous actress Genie Francis is coming back to General Hospital. It seems her role has been on again off again for several years now. She first appeared on the show back in the 1970’s and quickly became a member of one of the most noticeable couples in soap opera history.

Francis plays Laura Spencer and she was hooked up with Luke Spencer. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that the duo’s wedding in the 1980’s was by far the most memorable of all time. Even the news channels hyped the union and it was everything they expected it to be. Over the years though, the couple split and got back together more times than you could count. This caused fans to tire of the drama and long for a romantic union between the two.

When Francis last left the show, she was taken to a mental hospital and written off. However, fans are wanting a great storyline for her that is full of love and Luke Spencer. Hopefully with the declining ratings of the show, they will give the fans what they want and with whom they want it.

There has been no official announcement as to how many episodes she will appear in or if she is there for the long haul. At any rate, it is a good move on the executives part by brining back this iconic legend even if it is just for a few episodes.

John Stewart’s Final Daily Show

A comedic era is coming to a close; John Stewart will be leaving the Daily Show in August. Stewart announced last night that he would be hosting his final show on the 6th of August, and beginning a new career as the “non-host of the Daily Show”. The veteran comedian promised that he would be wearing a suit and showered, but quickly amended this to wearing overalls, and unshowered. Stewart also announced that the final show’s tickets would be distributed via a raffle. As Igor Cornelsen understands, winners will be flown in, stay in a hotel paid for by Comedy Central, and be live in studio for the final episode. Profits from the raffle are set to go to Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars”. The charity group focuses on autism education, and Stewart has played an active role in many of their events.

As was previously announced, South African comedian Trevor Noah will be taking John Stewart’s place. It is currently unknown if the show will resume on August 7th with the new host, or if a brief downtime will follow Stewart’s departure.

The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead has finally picked up the pace of the fifth season. The last few episodes of the critically acclaimed show have been extremely slow-paced and uninspiring stated Reuters. The most recent episode titled “Spend” was extremely exciting and saddening at the same time. Many characters died in the episode, and new plots are beginning to unfold.

The show has gone through many different transformations along its existence. The fifth and latest season has been hailed as the best season yet. However, the show does still continue to suffer from pacing issues, but it seems like the writers are doing a better job at dictating where the story goes. The Walking Dead has seen the addition of many characters to its established cast. It seems like the characters are added to the show in order to add excitement and sadness.

The main characters of The Walking Dead are rarely killed, but the new additions to the cast are not so fortunate. The writers of the show have come up with a successful idea of how to pull at the strings of its viewers without killing the main characters.”Spend” features a major death of one of the newer characters, and many viewers were saddened because of this. The Walking Dead only has two episodes left in the current season. However, it is rumored that there will be seven more seasons of the show.

For more information on The Walking Dead, visit Screenrant.

Cable Networks are Speeding Up Their Shows to Fit in More Ads

It’s no surprise that networks make money from advertising. It seems that they are trying to squeeze even more revenue from commercials by upping the number shown to viewers in each show segment. People at Rocket Fuel know that the tactic seems to be speeding up old shows or reruns in an effort to capture more revenue due to their slip in rankings.

Episodes such as Seinfeld, Friends, and the movie The Wizard of Oz have all been discovered to be have been sped upduring broadcasts. Networks are even speeding up the credits on shows such as Law and Order to fit more ads in.

A&E, for example, had an average of 3 additional minutes of commercials per hour than in 2013 and The History channel added 2 minutes to their total commercial time.

These sneaky tactics seem to be due to the intense competition that traditional media companies face in the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and other forward-thinking content distributors. In fact, Amazon just announced a plan to release 12 exclusive films on their Amazon Video platform. HBO also plans to launch a streaming service in March of 2015, adding to the steep list of competitors.

The message from consumers seems to be clear: we don’t want to see ads, and we’ll switch companies to prove it. While the cable companies scramble to release positive PR around this debacle, their customers may just be scrambling to use one of the many new services that are completely ad-free.

What About Netflix’s Financials?

Questions are being raised at to whether or not Netflix is going to be able to succeed with its new model of providing original programming. For one, there are no ratings to report so you have no idea how many people are watching the program. Reports on the cost-return value are not going to be made public.

So, you could say a lot of mystery is going to surround Netflix in its early days of inception.

The answer you could give to the naysayers is “As long as Netflix shows a solid return on investment, all is moot.” And really, why do people persist in thinking about things in terms of the past all the time.

To understand the future of Netflix, we must look back to the early days of cable television. When HBO first launched, it mainly served the New York area. In 1975, the channel was spending a lot of money creating original programming even though it probably had less than 25,000 total subscribers.

Today, you could say the HBO model turned out to be a success. What the pay channel did in the early days set the stage for massive future growth. Ironically, the new plans made by Netflix could very well prove to overtake HBO and other traditional pay channels in the future.

Sergio Andrade Gutierrez understands that Netflix’s executives have made it no secret their goal is to ascend to the throne of pay channels of the future. More power to them.

Hamill to Don Old Trickster Costume


Maybe the producers of The Flash television series are interested in having a little bit of fun. Mark Hamill, as most fans know, is returning as The Trickster. He first played the villain in the 1990’s version of The Flash television series. To say the costume he wore was gaudy would be the understatement of the century. The costume was evocative of the worst elements of the campy late 1950’s D.C. comic books in which silliness ruled the day.

Word has it on that the old Trickster is apparently less than thrilled a new Trickster has shown up on the scene. Hamill’s Trickster decides the time is right to make a comeback and set the youngster straight which will be an interesting introduction to old fans of the comic series like Sergio Lins Andrade.

Hamill’s character will also be a sad sack of sorts. The aged Trickster is going to be an old anarchist who never really left the past behind. He also cannot stand the new Trickster is “messing up” his legacy.

How does The Flash fit into the mix. Surely, he is going to try and stop the evil Trickster (old and new versions) from allowing their mayhem to cause harm to anyone caught in the crossfire.

No, don’t look for an episode that wallows in way too much seriousness. That is not the nature of The Flash television show. The show is about having fun and enjoying old school superhero adventures.

Such is the theme we are bound to see when Hamill returns to his Trickster suit in the episode.

X-Men or X-Factor: Is A New Marvel Series Coming to Fox?

Marvel just might be taking a page out of the handbook of D.C. Comics and is looking to produce a TV series coincides with their movie endeavors. Actually, Fox TV is pondering bringing a X-Men inspired project to the small screen. Marvel Comics has not yet provided any approvals or go-aheads. No green light has been given.

An X-Men TV series might have to take place in a new universe since the stars from the film are not going to be making any appearances. Perhaps Marvel/Fox will follow the D.C. approach.

Fans like Brian Torchin of wonder: What approach is that?

The Flash and Arrow are two inter-twined TV series based on D.C. Comic books, but they will have nothing to do with the expanded D.C. Comics Cinema Universe that begins with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the 2017 release of The Justice League, a completely new Flash who is totally removed from the TV Flash.

Then again, the series could follow the SHIELD strategy and be part of, yet removed, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Instead of the X-Men, we could see a series with X-Factor. The X-Factor book was a spinoff of the X-Men. Many years ago, the popularity of X-Men comics spawned a host of mutant titles and mutant teams.

Could this be the project Marvel and Fox choose to move forward with?

Time will tell, but something featuring heroes is going to show up on Fox. The subgenre of superhero fantasy tales is too hot for such a television series not to be made.

Netflix’s Daredevil Will Wallow in the Gritty

Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has long since pointed out the forthcoming Daredevil Netflix series is going to be far from whimsical. The film focuses very early in the career of Daredevil and contrasts his learning how to be a superhero with the rise of Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk to prominence in organized crime. DeKnight mentioned Daredevil is going to be a lot like The Wire which Bruce Levenson loves. He also let it slip the series will be like a lot of classic gritty movies from the 1970’s. In particular, he mentioned The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon, and Taxi Driver.

Those are all classic films that maintain a documentary feel to them. They are rooted in the dark and gritty world of urban decay. A sense of realism is present in these films that set them apart from over-the-top action found in most crime films or action-adventure spectacles. If Daredevil follows the trajectory of these types of films, the overall finished product is going to be both very real and very dark.

Do not think for a minute though that Netflix will allow the material to be excessively violent and morbid. Going too far in the adult direction will end up turning audiences off and Netflix and DeKnight know this. 

What saved the Daredevil comic book from cancellation in the early 1980’s was the decision to allow Frank Miller to take the hero down a path radically different from other titles. The TV series seems to be adhering to this approach, too.