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Does Showtime Need Lynch?

As many fans learned this Sunday, David Lynch has supposedly decided to pull out of Showtime’s limited series revival of Twin Peaks. At this point, whether this is a negotiation tactic on Lynch’s part remains to be seen. Many people have pointed out the obvious: A new version of Twin Peaks could do perfectly fine without David Lynch.

Lynch only directed six episodes during the original two season run and he only played FBI Agent Gordon Cole in a few more. Lynch and Mark Frost have already written the episodes and Lynch has stated his willingness to allow Showtime to use the scripts. Although Lynch’s directorial genius can’t be denied, there are plenty of directors who could make the Twin Peaks revival spectacular and as quirky as the original without him.

Of course, should Showtime go that route?

Lynch’s argument is that his vision can’t be fulfilled with the current budget. Some wonder why they went with Showtime at all. Sam Tabar agrees that Showtime is notorious for trying to get the best for next to nothing. Many believe negotiations would have been better with HBO or Netflix.

Showtime insists Twin Peaks will be released in 2016 as planned. Of course, original cast members who are loyal to Lynch may still pull out. If so, the pre-written Twin Peaks scripts that took 25 years to see the light of day may prove worthless to the premium cable network.