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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Spearheading a Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Approach in America

According to the American Cancer Society, as 2017 ends, over 1,688,780 new cancers cases will have been reported, and over 600,920 cancer deaths will have occurred in the U.S. The trend is worrying. However, forward-thinking healthcare companies such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America (sometimes shortened to CTCA), Allscripts, and NantHealth are seeking to reverse the depressing trend. The three companies recently collaborated in developing a comprehensive and custom oncology treatment platform, Clinical Pathways, which is likely to revolutionize how cancer patients access medical assistance.
How will the collaboration work? eviti®, a NantHealth clinical decision support solution, will be supplied with information from Allscripts’ electronic health record (EHR). Clinical Pathways relies on the link between EHR and eviti to provide invaluable information required by a physician for cancer treatment process without unnecessary interruptions to his/her workflow.
Chief Medical Officer at CTCA—George Daneker Jr.—threw his weight behind Clinical Pathways. According to him, the platform is a source of appropriate treatment options. He further states that the platform offers relief to medical practitioners who are often overwhelmed by new data and oncology research leading to guesswork filling knowledge gaps. Daneker affirms that all the treatment options available in Clinical Pathways are up to the CTCA’s standards and whatever a patient chooses is safe and efficient.
When Clinical Pathways is engaged, it provides a wealth of information for a patient. Some of the information provided by the platform include personalized treatment regimens specific to the patient, comparisons between treatment options, and supporting clinical data, etc.
CTCA is dedicated to serving cancer patients in the U.S. To this end, CTCA has five hospitals spread across the U.S with its headquarters located in Boca Raton, Florida. CTCA is known for its integrative approach to cancer treatment which involves conventional methods coupled with therapies.

Honey Birdette Rapidly Expanding Internationally

Honey Birdette, an Australian lingerie company, has just opened it’s US e-commerce site. The company has also made plans to significantly expand it’s UK stores by the end of next year. Honey Birdette was created by Eloise Monaghan in 2006. Eloise launched the first U.S. site after she obtained a 374% increase for online sales in the United States over a period of 12 months. The purpose of the e-commerce platform is to better the customer’s experience. That includes faster delivery for orders over $50. Customers may also benefit from easier returns and a greater product range. The goal for Honey Birdette is to open up more retail stores in the United States with hopes of increasing the store count in the UK. Honey Birdette opened a store last year in London’s Covent Garden, which was the first store to be opened outside of Australia. Two more stores were opened in Leed’s Victoria Gate and Westfield White City following the opening in London’s Covent Garden. The brand has mentioned that they have 10 more openings to set in place for the UK and they are aiming for 40 more stores by the end of next year.

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand that was founded by Eloise Monoghan. The boutique first opened in 2006 and offered high-end lingerie and bedroom toys. In 2011, Honey Birdette partnered up with BB Retail Capital. Since then, the brand has opened more than 40 new boutiques throughout Australia.

Honey Birdette employs over 260 people throughout stores in Australia. In 2016, the brand opened their first international boutique in London. Honey Birdette now has three stores open in the UK. They are currently discussing plans to open boutiques in locations such as Europe and the United States.

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero: A Powerful Figure In Mexican Media

Mexico is considered Spanish-speaking Latin America’s media power center because of its many newspapers, magazines, television networks and radio stations. Telesistema Mexicano, which includes Televisa, is the developing world’s largest communications conglomerate. Organizacion Editorial Mexicana with its 90 newspapers is Mexico’s largest newspaper group. Novedades Editores, part of Telesistema Mexicana, is the country’s second largest publishing group.

Five national news agencies operate in Mexico. They are Infomex, Notimex, Agencia Mexicana de Informacion, Notipress and Noti-Accion. The largest is Infomex with almost 100 offices and 20 foreign correspondents. Some of Mexico’s most-read newspapers are Esto, La Prensa, El Nacional, Novedades, Ovaciones, El Heraldo, Excelsior, El Financiero and El Universal. Excelsior is one of Mexico’s most prestigious national dailies. It’s also among Latin America’s most prominent newspapers. Stations broadcasting nationally are broken into cultural and commercial networks.

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero is a major force in Mexican media. He’s the CFO of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. aka Televisa and plays a prominent role. Viadero is also Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V.’s CFO and Groupo Televisa S.A.B.’s VP of administration and finance. Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero is also Groupo Televisa S.A. VP of financial planning. And Viadero also served as Comercio Mas, S.A. de C.V.’s financial manager and general manager. Plus he was Televisa’s VP of financial planning as well as CEO of Comercio Mas, S.A. de C.V.

Beginning in 2002, Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero became Director of Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V. He is also a Consorcio ARA, S. A. B. de C. V. independent director and a Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. director since April 2002. Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero is also on the boards of a number of companies . They include Mexder, Mercado Mexicano de Derivados S.A., Miami Holdings, S.A. de C.V., Proveedor Integral de Precios and FS Unit 3007 Inc.

Grupo Televisa Benefits from Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s Cost Optimization


Grupo Televisa is the oldest media company in Mexico and the largest of its kind in Spanish speaking countries. It has a worldwide audience of more than a million. Its current market value is more than $15.6 billion. The media group has withstood intense competition from other to media companies such as Cinemex and Grupo Reforma. The success of the company is mainly because of its visionary leadership guided by Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero. Folch is the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Best CFO

Salvi Folch Viadero is one of the best CFOs in the media industry. As the CFO of Grupo Televisa, he is responsible for ensuring the profitability of the business. To achieve this goal, Salvi has developed different program models to meet the diverse needs of its audience. He is also keen on ensuring the quality of the content. Over the years, Grupo Televisa has expanded its programming to include science, education and drama televisions.

Cost Optimization

Conservation of resources is Salvi Viadero’s specialization. From his vast experience as a financial officer, Salvi recognizes the high cost of production and the importance of saving cost by eliminating redundancy in the process. He focuses on the analysis of the economic aspect of all process. His goal is to limit wastage of vital resources such as money and time. By optimizing cost-effectiveness of the production procedure, Salvi has made it possible for the company to offer quality programming.

Leadership Highlights

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has a vast leadership experience in the industry especially in the field of finance and cost reduction. Before taking the mantle as the Grupo Televisa’s CFO, he headed the company’s financial planning department as the Vice President. He had also served as the CFO, and the CEO of Comercio Mas, S.A de C.V. Moreover, Mr. Salvi at one point served in the National banking services Commission as a Vice chairman.

Honey Birdete Serves the Sensual Woman

Honey Birdete is a venture that was started by Eloise Monaghan, who is an entrepreneur. The brand deals in lingerie for the woman who wants to feel sensual and seductive. Australia had never opened its doors to sensual wear until the launching of Honey Birdete. Albeit new products take time to be accepted, Honey Birdete found immediate acceptance from the customers. People flocked the stores to make their purchases, and within a short time, the first stock was out. Eloise knew that she needed to expand the venture fast to cope with the demand. One strategy was to open more shops in Australia, which has led to expansion to the current 55 retail stores. More retail stores are still upcoming in strategic locations.
Honey Birdete, which deals with play suits, robes and other types of lingerie also found favor with customers in other parts of the continent. Word of mouth reached as far as the U.S and the U.K with clients making online orders. The CEO then opened retail outlets in the UK where the first retail store was at Covenant Garden. Few others were opened at Victoria Gate, and the White City and the brand manager is up to open ten more stores in the UK this year.
The director has also launched an e- commerce shop in the U.S., with the intention of reaching more customers in the location and satisfying the current market better. The decision followed the increase in regional sales to 374% in the last one year. The need to satisfy the niche market caused the management to come closer for faster deliveries and quicker returns. The move would also personalize the services. Honey Birdete also intends to set up some retail stores in the region soon. The above will increase the tangibility and access of the products to the niche market.

Omar Yunes, a Franchisee At the Top

In today’s world in which brands have become international names and scour the world, it is hard to be at the top. However, one man in a sea competing franchises have found that his hard work and innate leadership ability has paid off, this man is Omar Yunis winner of this year’s Best Franchisee Award in Venice Italy.

Omar Yunis started in the franchise business at a young age when at the age of 21 he became part of the franchise of Sushi Itto a Japanese Sushi chain in his home of Mexico. From starting with one franchise, Omar worked over the years to expand his franchise range. Over the past few years, he franchised highly rated 13 Sushi Itto units in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico which make up 10 percent of Sushi Itto’s stores worldwide. Needless to say that one with such an entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age would win the Best Franchisee Award. This is a distinguished award in Mexico which until recently has had a problem of franchisees maintaining their franchises to the quality of the company they are working with. This has changed recently with Omar breaking the mold.

While the award itself is a major win for Omar, it also shows the dedication he has been committed to all these years. For BFA the winner is not merely the person who owns the most franchises but one who has the best quality of franchises in which both revenue and physical value. This came easily to Omar Yunes who keeps a sharp eye on his franchises and works well with employees to instill a sense of pride and commitment to the brand they are representing. By keeping this personal touch despite being a multiple franchisee who has won the dedication of his employees and respect of his CEO who praised him highly.

By committing oneself to excellence and by being personally involved in a venture you do not only bring in money but respect and acknowledgment amongst your peers. By winning this award, Omar Yunes has a bright future ahead of him.

Now, Sushi Itto is preparing for its next installment in Mexico.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega-The Rupert Murdoch of The Spanish Speaking Universe

If at all there is anyone who can be called the Rupert Murdoch of the Spanish-speaking world of South America, it has to be media mogul Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. His organization Groupo Televisa, S.A., of which he is Managing Director, and Executive Vice President straddles the Spanish media universe like a Colossus.

That being stated there are some other leading companies, particularly in Mexico, who apart from Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega led Groupo Televisa, S.A., are doing quite well. TV Azteca, for example, is a pretty formidable TV company as well, second only to Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Televisa. Among magazines, Nexos and Proceso have long been the frontrunners. But of late the competition had hotted up with the entry of worthy contenders like Gatopardo, Chilango, and Emeequis.

Coming back to Televisa the force behind its tremendous success has got to be Alfonso de Noriega. An LLB from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico he became Executive Vice President of Group Televisa in 2000. Before that, he ran the law firm Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes, y Fuentes, which he had founded for five years.

Quite a thoroughbred corporate honcho Noriega is on the boards of many companies; likewise, he is a director of many businesses. All of this is a result of his sterling business abilities. It is not surprising therefore to discover that he is extremely well regarded by his industry peers.

To look at the Mexican magazine market once again, it is quite interesting to note that local content is of the essence. This is especially true of Vertigo and Zocalo. Letras Libres on the other hand, as the name possibly suggests has artistic pretensions. The fact of the matter is that the Mexican media landscape is undoubtedly very exciting with plenty of vibrancy and verve. It really is a good place to be with so much happening.

Of course, regarding transnational appeal and sheer scale of size, you have to hand it to Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, and Groupo Televisa, S.A. who hold unchallenged sway over the Spanish-speaking parts of South America and in all likelihood will continue to do so.



Avaaz is a web movement and global organization that works to unite people around the world too promote global activism and tackle issues like human rights, animal rights, corruption, and politics. Founded in 2007, Avaaz has become a symbol of empowerment and hope, giving a voice to the voiceless. Avazz actually means “voice” in several languages.

The global initiative accepts individuals from all walks of life, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, etc. The only requirement to be a member is that you must possess a strong desire to make the world a better place to live in for all. The core team of the Avaaz community operates in 6 of the 7 continents and campaigns in numerous languages with the help of thousands of volunteers. It has been dubbed the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network by British daily newspaper The Guardian.

Avaaz is as much about taking action as talk. It is more than willing to do the necessary ground work needed to make a political statement. It employs campaign tactics that include online public petitions, sit-ins, rallies, and media friendly stunts. Avaaz even goes as far as to use advertisements to get its point across.

Avaaz has benefited largely as a group from the technological era we are living in. In previous years, international organizations and social movements with a likewise idealism found it much tougher to communicate and mobilize as well as tackle multiple issues at once. In the past, social movements would’ve had to address each separate issue one by one, year by year, and country by country.

It has been a decade since Avaaz was established and it still stands as a collective force with an unchanging prime set of values and conviction to do right by other human beings and the planet we live on.

Follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

Omar Yunes As A Franchisee

Special contender from Mexico, Omar Yunes won a prestigious award in 2015 for his country. He was awarded the title Best Franchisee of The World in the international competition. This competition is an annual event that features the best and brightest franchisees from across the world. People attended the event from countries near and far in order to recognize and honor the efforts leaders make in order to improve their different franchises. Judges are looking to reward a number of different things like teammwork, savings programs, and uniqe but quality innovations propose by each Franchisee. Before any of the competitors can make it to the final event, each country has to have their own regional version of the Best Franchisee of The World competition. For Mexico, both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer were sent to compete.

The first place winner, Omar Yunes, is currently Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Omar Yunes first bought the Japanese style restaurant at the ripe age of 21. He has enlarged the company by adding an additional 13 units under his leadership and manages just over 400 employees within the network. Because he has worked with Sushi Itto for so long, he managed to create a unique relationship with the company. Omar Yunes added a uniqe flare which ended up helping improve customer service relationships, while also positively impacting the way in which he was able to manage the business. CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelo agreed that Yunes’ personal leadership style was an important change factor in the franchise and Franchisee relationship.

The other representative sent by Mexico to compete at the Best Franchisee of The World Competition was Iván Tamer. This man is responsible for the new marketing system implemented at Prendamex. The system was put in place in order to increase revenue and expose the brand to completely new customers. Ivan Tamers system has already seen much success and other leaders as well as businessmen are interested in copying the model. Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes both did an amazing job representing their country for the first time in an international competition.

Bruce Bent II a Life of Success and Drive

Bruce Bent II continues to unfold a legacy founded for him by his father and expanded under his own name. Bents time for the financial management industry has allowed him to push the boundaries of what can and cannot be completed as a money management leader. Through his time as the President of the Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II has extended his presence as a leader to provide cutting-edge services to companies and individuals in need of top quality money handling services. Money management is a huge industry, and it continues to be Bent’s goal to provide industry leaders with the tools necessary to further his work.

Like Father Bent
Like his father, Bruce Bent, Bruce Bent II has built his name within the financial lending industry. His time cultivating his business has allowed him to establish himself as an industry leader and cultivator with a knack towards career and peer growth. Bent’s work has helped him to create a worldwide name of his own separate from his father, thus creating a sense of individuality. His father stressed the importance of cultivating a money market, something Bent II would become highly involved in, building his career from the ground up on philosophies cultivated from the market itself.

Working With Organizations
As the head of many lucrative organizations, Bent the II has continued to push himself in helping others to succeed. Perhaps one of the most important organizations Bent belongs to is the Young President’s Organization, an organization built around helping young individuals to succeed in the market place and become leaders themselves. As a member of the Entrepreneur’s
Organization, Bent has provided an outlet for individuals to spur creative thought and recognize their cognitive ability to further succeed as artistic thinkers. Bent’s work is highly focused on helping others to succeed with great gusto. His ability to focus on groups and individuals in need of leadership has made him a perfect leader for the cause.

Bruce Bent II continues to push the boundaries in the financial management sector and is on path to outshine even his father’s legacy as he continues to push forward and shape his career.