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Philip Diehl President of U.S Money Reserve

Philip Diehl was nominated by Bill Clinton as the 35th U.S Mint Director in 1994 where he worked till March of 2000. While serving as U.S Mint Director, Mr. Diehl’s exuberant leadership skills made a huge turnaround in the mint.

While there he convinced congress to exclude the mint from all procurement regulations and annual appropriations and started a customer service initiative that brought the company to the second highest customer service rating, right behind Mercedes-Benz. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: and

He also co-authored with Rep-Castle authorizing the American Platinum Eagle bullion, the first platinum coin. Within a year the Platinum Eagle took on 80% of the worlds market share of platinum coins.

Upon leaving the Mint, Mr. Diehl was named the President of where he eventually resigned. After his resignation he went to Washington DC to become president of the government relations subsidiary for Fleishman-Hillard.

In 2014 he became the U.S Money Reserve President where he has and is currently serving, for the past two and a half years. His current Responsibilities as U.S Money Reserve President include external relations, public affairs, industry relations, client satisfaction, compliance matters, and new product development.

The U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001. It is one of the nation’s largest distributors of U.S. Government issued Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins. Their client base is full of people who feel that the company is trustworthy. The reason USMR has their customers trust so easily is by the way they connect with them.

All their transactions are done over the phone with a personal Account Executive, who is there to answer your questions and help you make the right choice in metal.

Not by logging onto a website, and clicking around where its possible you could get hacked or scammed. Your calling in and getting a live person and also getting the real life price of gold at that moment.

Their customers are also able to place order of $5,000 or more, over the phone. By placing orders for precious metals over the phone USMR is able to create lasting relationships with their customers and ensure that their shipment of precious metals will get to them safely by checking and rechecking addresses and phone numbers before the metals leave USMR’s vaults.

After having been in business for over a decade U.S Money Reserve has over 300,000 customers. Who wouldn’t trust a company who is personable, with a large amount of customers with great customer testimonies?

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