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EOS Has A New Vegan Lip Balm

EOS already has such an extensive array of lip balm flavors and varieties that it is pretty surprising that they would develop yet another new lip balm blend, but they did so with their new line of lip balm that launched in August and is known as EOS Crystal.

EOS Crystal does have some unique characteristics associated with it that goes beyond the transparent nature of the lip balm itself. Cosmetically, it is transparent and this is part of its crystal mystique. Further, the container is updated. Instead of the traditional orb that EOS sells this container is less round and rests upright easier than it used to, available here at

Most importantly is the lip balm itself. EOS Crystal is a vegan product and contains no animal by-products in it based on While most lip balms don’t have animal products, they are sourced from petroleum jelly which is a by-product of the oil refinement process. Instead of using low quality petroleum jelly, EOS has long prided themselves on superior all-natural ingredients, one of which is beeswax which does a great job in protecting your lips but is not a vegan product. With EOS Crystal, EOS finally has a truly vegan offering.

EOS lip balms all have this characteristic of tasting more natural than other lip balms as they don’t have the artificial flavors or ingredients in it. Further, since their ingredients are made from quality products, they offer this truly lasting luscious feel to it. None of this is lost in the EOS Crystal line which offers the same high quality balm, click for more info.

EOS Crystal has two great flavors; vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus and is available for purchase in stores or at online retailers. Vegans should take notice of this new fantastic flavor options and consider signing up for this one given the quality of the brand and it’s great reviews.

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