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Did Rick Go Too Far?

Today, the debate continues about whether Rick went too far during this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Try.” As noted in several recaps about the critically acclaimed series that focuses on the human condition when pushed beyond the comfort of “civilization” as we know it, Rick’s behavior and speech seemed almost identical to Shane’s in Season 2 right before Shane unlocked the barn doors and showed argued that to live they would have to fight and kill. After all, a bloodied Rick seemed to have lost his mind like Shane as he waved a gun around and pointed it at Deanna.

On the other hand, Sultan Alhokair points out that others have noted that Rick did everything he possibly could to prevent the situation with Pete, the wife-abusing-alcoholic-surgeon, from escalating to that point. As any cop might, he went to Deanna when he got the complaint and recommended separating Pete and Jessie. The situation escalated when Deanna failed as a leader.

There is little doubt that Rick, who is experiencing PTSD like the rest of his group, has reached an overall breaking point similar to the one he experienced after Lori died and Daryl left with Merle. Yet, did Rick really go too far by getting into a fist fight with Pete? Any police officer who doesn’t have backup might fight when trying to deal with a violent individual. Additionally, no aspect of Rick’s speech was wrong.