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EOS Working Hard To Remain Number One In The Lip Balm Industry

Anyone who is familiar with EOS, is most familiar with the brand because of the shape of the lip balm. They recognize the round sphere and instantly know that this ball is Evolution of Smooth lip balm. For them, today is another day for them to bring something onto the market that they knew would be a big success. The newest addition to the family is one that is completely vegan free and has eliminated the one ingredient that kept it from being animal friendly.

By cutting out the bees wax, the formula that was once a product that was ignored by animal lovers is now the one product that is looked for on the shelves the most. The product was released with more than just a change in the formula, click here. The product had also changed slightly in the shape. The brand did not stop there however. They went one step further and changed the color of the lip balm.

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In the newest addition to the line of lip balm, the new flavor is also crystal clear. The new product has now been changed to look like a diamond or gemstone. The product was released and the same day that it was released, the product flew off the shelves. Those who had heard about the release were waiting patiently for the releas

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EOS released a limited amount of the formula change at first to make sure that it would be a hit seller and when the results came back, they were quick to release more. The same day that the formula was released, it sold out in stores, online through the EOS website and then within the stores online that carry their own products to sell.

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