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Wengie: A Successful Woman On Youtube

Youtube is an outlet that is used by many millions of people to share their videos online. In fact, it is arguably the most popular video sharing website on the internet. Although there are numerous people that post youtube videos, not all of them become big hits. However, there are some people on youtube that have become famous by posting their videos on this website. Those who are famous on youtube can earn a significant amount of money from having their videos on the site. One famous youtube user is Wengie. Wengie has a youtube channel that focuses on beauty related videos. A lot of her videos focus on tips for asian women.

There are quite a number of different famous youtube channels. These channels are on a variety of different topics. In fact, there are famous youtube users that discuss everything from music to beauty to the news. These youtube users have become famous in a variety of different ways. Some have promoted themselves extensively. Others have simply become famous from the unique nature of their videos.

Wengie has a youtube channel called The Wonderful World of Wengie. She not only gives tips for beauty, but she also talks about trends in beauty. From time to time, things change. What was popular in years past may no longer be popular. Wengie comments on these trends, and she helps women to stay up to date with the latest trends.

She has had some unique inspirations for her videos. She did not grow up around those who were seriously interested in beauty. She developed a strong interest in it on her own. However, she found a lot of the advice given to women on beauty dealt with different products than she found were best for her. She began researching asian made beauty products. As she did this, she learned a great deal about these products. When she created her youtube channel, she discussed advice about these products in her videos. This has made her channel quite popular amongst asian american women and asian women in Australia, which is where she is from.