Bruce Willis To Star In Stephen King’s “Misery” On Broadway

It has been announced that actor Bruce Willis is going to take a turn and try his hand out at theatre. Willis will be starring in one of Stephen King’s stories “Misery” alongside House of Cards star Elizabeth Marvel.

According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, Bruce Willis will be playing the role of “Paul Sheldon” and Marvel will be acting as ‘Annie.” There hasn’t been an official announcement yet as to when the show will hit the stage, but people can expect it to be pretty exciting. Willis fans at Anastasia Date know that the actor hasn’t been in any big films lately, and this might be his comeback into the entertainment world.

It is always nice when entertainers try their hand at something new, because it shows how versatile their acting can be. Willis is most famous for doing action films with lots of fire and combat, so also him trying something in the horror genre might be interesting as well. He was also in a couple family comedies such as Disney’s “The Kid” which showed a sweeter side to the man. It is no doubt that this play will draw in so many people, because it will be as if viewers can watch their favorite film stars live in person and at work. The Broadway play is likely to debut in New York, but there is also a good possibility that they will travel around the country too.

Ariana Grande Becomes A Transgender Activist!

Everyone knows Ariana Grande as the small girl with a big voice. But more recently she’s being known as an activist for the T in the LGBT community. Most of her songs give you that fun, upbeat party feel that none of us can deny enjoying, and her song ‘Break Free’ is quickly becoming an anthem for transgender youth across the globe!

The songs upbeat and fun lyrics could be applied to almost anything, but most recently “The Glee Projects” star Tyler Ford has applied them to his own life, and breaking free from the gender roles that society places onto the shoulders of people young and old. Tyler is a 21 year old FTM (female-to-male) transgender who is the first ever openly transgender person to appear on “The Glee Project”.

Tyler has been tweet things like “this is the part when i break free from cisheteropatriarchy” in which Ariana responded with “omg i love u”, which we can only assume means she loves and totally supports the change on lyrics! Because of her accepting open mindedness, Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that Ariana is quickly becoming a favorite among the youth in the LGBT community who have always looked up to her and her point of views.

Ford is also becoming a role model of sorts due to his ability to educate and inform people without having to do it in such a cruel way where he has to insult others.

These two make a pretty good team!

It Is Unbelievable How Much Money Pharrel And Robin Thicke Made Off ‘Blurred Lines’

It really is unbelievable how much money Pharrel and Robin Thicke made off one song, and to be honest it’s a lot.

Although it is unlike a record company to announce anything that has to do with their profits for one song or album in general when it has nothing to do with the artists, but in this case like the case with Marvin Gaye’s family, the numbers had to be released for the public and the amount turned out to be mind blowing.

I don’t think anyone you know hasn’t heard the song ‘Blurred Lines’ play at least once on the radio, and that is because the song gained massive popularity worldwide and was being played in radio stations in countries all over the world, even non English speaking ones. In terms of defining success, that is it!

What everyone knows is that ‘Blurred Lines’ was the best song of 2013, but what people don’t know is that the one song by itself made the two an astounding amount of $16,675,690 in profits only.

The Hollywood reporter reported the numbers and disclosed exactly how much each of the two made. Sultan Alhokair read that Robin Thicke got his portion of the profits which was $5,658,214 and $5,153,457 went to Pharrel. T.I. also got a small sum of the profits for his collaborations which ended up being worth $704,774 which isn’t bad for a silent partner.

Justin Bieber to be Roasted and Begging Seth Rogan to Join

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the heartthrob to teen girls and all-around obnoxious pop star to adults, Justin Bieber, is set to be roasted on a Comedy Central Roast.

Bieber will be celebrating his 21st birthday on March 14th by being roasted by comedians in Los Angeles. It is confirmed that Kevin Hart will be acting as the Roast Master. The other comedians roasting the “Baby” singer have yet to be confirmed but there is one that Bieber is begging to roast him- Seth Rogan.

Alexei Beltyukov knows that Bieber has taken to Twitter to beg funnyman Seth Rogan to be a part of his Comedy Central Roast. Rogan has not responded back to him. In the past, Rogan has had some choice words for the immature singer. Back in 2013, when Bieber was arrested for drag racing through the streets of Miami and getting a DUI, Rogan referred to him as a piece of sh*t. Rogan also went on to say in a later interview that he found Bieber to be obnoxious, insincere, and ungrateful, and that he put other’s lives in danger with no regard. None of that has deterred Bieber from begging Rogan to join the roast. I would be surprised if he responded to Bieber at all.

The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will air on Comedy Central on March 30th, 2015.

Some Cool Facts About Leonard Nimoy

As many have heard, Leonard Nimoy, the actor who had played Mr. Spock in “Star Trek” died at the age of 83 on Friday. Here are some cool facts about Mr. Nimoy:

1) He came up with the Vulcan salute.
A few of the episodes from the original Star Trek series were set on Vulcan, Me. Spock’s homeworld. Nimoy, who was raised an Orthodox Jew, decided that Vulcans would have a traditional greeting, and he based it on the Priestly Blessing used by the Jewish Kohanim in religious services. The Priestly Blessing also inspired the phrase, “Live long and prosper.”

2) Nimoy was the son of immigrants.
His parents were born in the former Soviet Union, and Jaime Garcia Dias said he grew up surrounded by immigrants. That experience made him empathize with outsiders like the half-human/half-alien Mr. Spock. At Boston University, he once spoke about the challenges of navigating a foreign culture.

In 1968, he received a fan letter from a youth who also felt like an outsider. The writer was biracial and felt “persecuted” and talked about their inability to fit in. They wrote to Mr. Spock, believing he’d had similar difficulties. Nimoy wrote back, as Mr. Spock, assuring the fan they would find acceptance.

3) He used to co-own a pet store.
Not only was “Star Trek” his breakout role, it was also his first steady job. To keep himself busy and afloat financially after it ended, he became the co-owner of Pet Pad.

4) Nimoy sometimes directed.
He directed the third and fourth Star Trek movies, “The Search for Spock” “The Voyage Home.” He also directed “3 Men and A Baby.”

5) He was a photographer.
His photographs have been displayed in museums including the Jewish Museum of New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

Kanye West Is Getting Trolled By A Beck Superfan

It seems to everyone that Kanye West will never learn his lesson. After so much drama happening the last time he pulled the mic from Taylor Swift’s hands, he should have learned that his opinions about who should win should stay with him and him only. He has no right whatsoever to even open his mouth in these ceremonies and he should thank God for being there in the first place instead of using the one night a year he has to show how much he’s grown and sabotage his entire progress.

Although the whole Kanye thing with Beck should have passed by now and people should be getting over it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still piss people off how rude and ignorant Kanye sounded that night.

It doesn’t matter that Kanye took to Twitter to apologize to Beck saying his album was “Actually Pretty Good”. Beck has millions of fans and they think his album is good.

The cyber revenge has begun and Kanye has now created the newest breed of haters, the cybertrollers.

As of right now, if anyone types in, your search engine will redirect you to Kanye West’s wikipedia page. That must hurt in every angle.

Bernardo Chua told me he checked earlier today and PR News Wire hasn’t yet reported on what Kanye thinks of the new website dedicated for him but i’m sure if he knew about it, he’ll be spending his day and night trying to take it off the web.

Former Oasis Guitar Player Gives Extensive Interview

Noel Gallagher, best known as the guitar player and former singer for the English rock band Oasis, did an interview recently with Rolling Stone Magazine about his current solo record and his life in general.

In the interview, Gallagher talks about how much he loves the 90’s television show “Seinfeld.” He says he was watching it in England before anyone else was. He says the show reminds him of the 90’s, a decade he probably likes since his band Oasis was on the top of the world at the time.

Gallagher also says that he’s friends with U2 singer Bono, and the the two of them drink together sometimes. On the subject of drinking in general, the former party animal says that he still partakes but not like he did when he was 24. He’s 47 now. While Gallagher had good things to say about iconic songwriters Bono and Bob Dylan, he puts down some of the current direction of pop stars including One Direction and Taylor Swift. According to Brad Reifler he says that Taylor Swift seems nice but that she isn’t a good songwriter.

Gallagher swears a lot in the interview. I’m always struck by how boorish he seems when he gives interviews in contrast to the grace and beauty of his songs like “Champagne Supernova” and “Wonderwall”. It’s hard to tell which reflects the real Gallagher. Who knows… maybe they both do.

The Atom and Firestorm: Two Heroes Too Many?

Another superhero television series is in the works and the show is slated to appear on the CW. Why wouldn’t the powers that be at CW not want to release a new D.C. Comics related television series? Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the Flash and Arrow are both huge hits. The new series is going to be a team-up endeavor and will feature heroes who debuted on the two aforementioned hero programs. The Atom and Firestorm are going to make a really odd duo since they are such disimilar characters. Then again, The Atom is very similar to Marvel Comics’ Ant-Man and the Ant-Man film is going to be a surefire hit this summer.

Fans of superhero television and movie programs might be thrilled to hear this news, but the worrisome specter of “careful what you wish for” clouds is going to hang over this and other future D.C. projects. There are only so many superhero television shows audiences are going to accept before becoming burned out on the genre.

Sure, it is great that superhero and comic book properties are finally receiving positive attention from larger audiences. Too much of the same thing too soon could indicate the networks are trying to make as much money off the fad as possible before it burns out.

Sometimes, the better plan for long-term health of a genre or medium is to take things slow and allow the limited number of programs based on the genre to remain special. Too much of the same thing is hardly the proper definition of something unique or special.

For now, fans can look forward to The Atom/Firestorm team-up and hope it lasts.

Netflix Revives Old Favorites In Original Content Line

Netflix continues to lead the pack in web TV content production with several new releases planned to debut in the coming year.

Focusing on children’s programming this cycle, the big news is impending remakes of Inspector Gadget (slated to begin its 26 episode run in March) and Danger Mouse (due in spring 2016). Fans like Paul Mathieson have learned that new properties on the way include Super 4, based on the Playmobil line of toys and beginning in April; Some Assembly Required, a live action series about teenage toy inventors, premiering this summer; and Bottersnikes & Gumbles, based on a series of popular children’s book in Australia, also scheduled for next spring.

The network’s kid show ambitions don’t stop there, as they are in talks for several exclusive shows based on popular Dreamworks properties and have signed a groundbreaking deal with Disney for all the company’s feature films starting in 2016.

Lady Gaga Joins The Cast Of American Horror Story

Breaking news has hit the press for all of the American Horror Story fans out there: Lady Gaga is officially a part of the cast for next year’s season. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the singer and entertainer has gained her fame by making hit songs and singing at concerts, however now she is turning to the silver screen as well.

Even though no one knows the theme of next year’s American Horror Story season, it is already set in stone that Gaga will be a part of it. BlogSpot had suggested that’s interesting is the rise of many celebrities now wanted to join this FX show that not many people have heard of a few years ago. Last season some big names like Neil Patrick Harris joined the crew for about four episodes at the end, and may others have expressed an interest in joining the cast of spooky characters.

One can only imagine what kind of role Lady Gaga will get on the show. Will she be a villain? Or will she be one of the few “good guys” in the series. American Horror Story is not known for its frills or warm feelings, so if the singer is going to be a part of that bandwagon then she will most likely be evil in some way. American Horror Story will premiere its new season in the fall of this year.