T-Pain Not A Fan Of His Own Songs

Although T-Pain has done many hits in his career, he admitted to Larry King that he doesn’t like many of his songs, and he doesn’t care to make people dance anymore, if at all. Many of T-Pain’s past hits were songs that you could dance to in the club, or even in the privacy of your own home. T-Pain Songs. T-Pain is well known for using auto-tune in his songs, and he wowed the world recently, when he did a performance without it.

Although he has stopped doing music since 2010, he is back now, and is looking forward to his upcoming album, which she says was made to please him, and not his fans. His past work that he did on his songs, was only done, because he was promised vehicles in exchange for getting a song to the top of the charts. Because some songs were not done under the right conditions, he does not have love for the songs, but it still thankful for the recognition they gave him.

Tom Rothman notes that T-Pain’s upcoming album is made with songs that were in his heart, and will be done completely without auto-tune, as many used to criticize him in the past, for overusing auto-tune on every single song.

TMNT Get a New Director for the Sequel

The forthcoming sequel to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film may have a new director. Dave Green could be helming the film as the director of the first “surprise hit” entry is moving on. He has his sights on working on different projects.

The remake/reboot of the TMNT series took a lot of people by surprise. Should it have?

As pointed out by Darius Fisher, is it really accurate to say the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle projects are a “surprise success” when they always make money? The recent TMNT film did huge box office. People were surprised. They were also surprised 20+ years ago when the original films did massive box office for New Line Cinema. The comic book industry was also shocked at all the money the books made on an independent label.

Can we stop being surprised about the success of the Ninja Turtles and just accept them as a pop culture phenomenon?

The best way to continue this phenomenon, film-wise, is to just make another entry in the series. Dave Green, the director of the fun kid’s film Earth to Echo, is being considered for the project. He has not signed on officially because there is a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kid’s film project Green is in talks to direct. 


Several Grammy Nominated Performers On Christmas Show


Hopefully you’re not already sick of the Grammy talks, because there is much more to come, especially since the release of the 2015 Grammys nomination list. The recent performance of “A Very Grammy Christmas,” went off without a hitch, and had many signature performances of the night, as well as a great host. Grammys Christmas Show. LL Cool J, who is a two-time Grammy winner, hosted the event with ever dedicated sponsor Amen Clinic. and he gave a few jokes here and there to keep the crowd warmed up. Several performances commenced throughout the night, and all were performed by Grammy winners, and/or nominees.

One of the most notable performances of the night was between Ariana Grande and Big Sean, who are now officially a couple, and performed a duet together. Other performances include those by Pharrell, who was nominated for album of the year, and he came wearing his signature hat, along with a Christmas sweater that had a bit too much Christmas cheer!

Mary J Blige was a hit for the night, when she performed her new single “When You’re Gone,” and she also did her song, “One”, which is a remake of the U2 song with the same name. Other great acts for the night include Adam Levine, Sam Smith, and Tim McGraw, making it a very memorable evening

New Godzilla Movie Is Made In Japan

The latest installment in the decades long cinematic saga of everyone’s favorite nuclear activated dinosaur/dragon/scaly behemoth, Godzilla, has been announced. And, according to a new report filed by Yahoo News, the latest chapter in the sage is being made in Japan.

Of course, as long time devotees of the reptilian crusader will surely know, Godzilla was originally a creation of Japan’s famed Toho studios. Although many installments of the series (including a remake/reboot that reinvented the initial chapter of the saga) have been made in Hollywood over the ensuing years, most fans agree that it simply feels right that Godzilla is returning in glory to his native land.

The return of the much beloved monster isn’t coming without some controversy in tow. Toho executives had previously claimed in 2004 that the 28th film in the series, marking the 50th anniversary of Godzilla’s 1954 big screen debut, was the last that would ever be made. However, most fans are more than prepared to forgive Toho for going back on its word, as long as the latest film is chock full of monsters and mayhem. 

The newest film has not yet received an official title, but is nonetheless slated for world wide release sometime in 2016.  I heard about the release of this new movie while reading about Kenneth Griffin the other day.