Release Dates Shifted to Make Room for a New Spider-Man Film


No matter how much money Thor or, for that matter, Captain America earns at the box office, Marvel is always going to consider Spider-Man the character that reflects the studios biggest star. Sure, Iron Man has brought the studio huge money. Would Iron Man have been the character any studio would have chosen to make a film with back in 2000? Was Iron Man ever considered for a feature film by the biggest name directors in the industry in the 1980’s and 1990’s? No, Spider-Man and The X-Men were the only Marvel properties considered for cinema adventures prior to heroes being a proven feature film commodity.

Likely, Spider-Man will always be a money maker for Marvel just as D.C. knows it can dust off the cape and cowl and release a new Batman movie even after the hero genre dies down.

Once you take all this into consideration, then you understand why Thor: Raganarok is losing its prime summer 2017 opening date to make room for a solo Spider-Man project said Marc Sparks. Thor is not the only hero whose movie is getting bumped. The Inhumans and Black Panther are getting moved, too.

Anyone involved with the films being moved should on a very bright side. A well-received hit Spider-Man movie is going to keep the genre alive. The last thing anyone appearing a possible film franchise is the learn the genre is cooling off.

By the way, the new Spider-Man is going to be just that: new. Andrew Garfield is pretty much gone.

Tom Rothman Leading Contender To Replace Amy Pascal

Amy Pascal was an icon in Hollywood for nearly 30 years.

She was at helm of hits such as Men in Black, The Amazing Spiderman, and Groundhog Day. She also had good relationships with Hollywood’s elite stars such as Adam Sandler and Will Smith.

In light of the Sony hack email scandal, Pascal is stepping down in May and speculation abounds about a possible replacement.

One of the top contenders is Tom Rothman, former chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment.

After 18 years and a record of hits, including Titanic and Avatar, Rothman was booted from Fox.

Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton and Pascal brought Rothman on board in 2013 to revive Sony’s TriStar film label. Because of his success at Fox, he’s considered a leading contender to replace Pascal.

According to the LA Times, a studio insider said, “He’s got a good reputation with talent, he makes good films, and people like him.”

But Rothman isn’t the only one in the running. He faces competition from Jeff Robinov, a former Warner Bros. executive, whose film company, Studio 8, signed a distribution deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment last year.

Another candidate is Doug Belgrad, who was named president of the studio’s Motion Picture Group in 2014.

Anticipated Movies of 2015

2015 has a large list of upcoming event films. The following are some of the most anticipated films of 2015.

Mad Max Fury Road: It’s been exactly 30 years since we have last seen the road warrior on the big screen. Fury Road looks like it is going to have everything that made the Mad Max series great. Stunts, camera work, atmosphere, all except Mel Gibson himself. Tom Hardy takes over the tole as Max, the road warrior.

The month of February is full of upcoming films that worth checking out. The upcoming films include Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, Focus, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Lazarus Effect, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

As Lambranho stated, the month is going to be very busy with upcoming titles. Jupiter Ascending opens on February 6 and the others are going to fill out the month.

Disney Steps Up Efforts To Eliminate Star Wars Spoilers

With interest incredibly high in the next installment of the Star Wars series, it is not surprising the amount of leaks that have come out on the Internet about The Force Awakens. Each week, there seems to be some tidbit of information released regarding the plot, characters, or sets. The public doesn’t seem willing to wait until the movie releases in December. They want details now.

As Beltyukov stated, With so much information having been leaked from the set of The Force Awakens, Disney is now making a strong effort to plug all leaks. THR said this week that Disney has worked with the California federal justice system to issue a subpoena designed to identify those that have infringed on the movie’s copyright. The subpoena is largely focused on ImageShack, which is an Internet image-hosting site.

In recent months, there has been a number of images from The Force Awakens appear on ImageShack. The most eye-opening image was one that showed a Sith lord that may or may not appear in the movie.

Disney is taking a very strong step to get this and other images completely removed from the Internet. They also may be trying to make a strong statement to those involved in the leaks so that no more occur.

BRL Trust Services

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With the trustee services, it is possible for BRL Trust to offer up what is known as SCA, or Assets Control System, which provides greater insights into the investment offerings and ensures it is possible for the investor to watch the collection on loans and other external monetary elements. With the help of the SCA, it is possible to work with several hundred companies in a variety of sectors, all of which have an ever growing portfolio with tens of thousands of clients. Plus, the company is able to work with any exchange based element.

Is Chris Pratt the New Indiana Jones?

Reboot-mania is running wild and the newest franchise slated for a reboot is the Indiana Jones series. Harrison Ford is not going to play the role of Indiana Jones. He has a new role in the Expendables series and is returning to his classic role of Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie coming out.

Chris Pratt has not officially accepted the role, but he in negotiations for the role. Pratt will be featured in another reboot this summer in the form of Jurassic World.

The news that Disney and Lucasfilm are looking to re-launch the series really is not a surprise. The rights to the franchise were procured rather publicly in 2013. No real movement was done with the series over the past year and a half, but now it looks like a great leap is going to be taken.

No real news about the actual movie has come forth. Considering the release date for the film is not going to be until 2018, there really is nothing to talk about. No screenplay has been written and the project is only in the very early stages of creation.

Will the film feature a remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark? No one knows yet.

Hopefully, for fans like Dave and Brit Morin, a completely new and original film will feature the new Indiana Jones. Revisiting and remaking one of the all-time film classics really is not necessary. Imagine if the new James Bond franchise featured a remake of Goldfinger or The Spy Who Loved Me. Again, this would be unnecessary.

Eventually, we will find out what the good people at Disney and Lucasfilm have in store for Dr. Jones. How about Ford as Dr. Jones Sr. and Pratt and Jr.? There’s an idea.

What About Netflix’s Financials?

Questions are being raised at to whether or not Netflix is going to be able to succeed with its new model of providing original programming. For one, there are no ratings to report so you have no idea how many people are watching the program. Reports on the cost-return value are not going to be made public.

So, you could say a lot of mystery is going to surround Netflix in its early days of inception.

The answer you could give to the naysayers is “As long as Netflix shows a solid return on investment, all is moot.” And really, why do people persist in thinking about things in terms of the past all the time.

To understand the future of Netflix, we must look back to the early days of cable television. When HBO first launched, it mainly served the New York area. In 1975, the channel was spending a lot of money creating original programming even though it probably had less than 25,000 total subscribers.

Today, you could say the HBO model turned out to be a success. What the pay channel did in the early days set the stage for massive future growth. Ironically, the new plans made by Netflix could very well prove to overtake HBO and other traditional pay channels in the future.

Sergio Andrade Gutierrez understands that Netflix’s executives have made it no secret their goal is to ascend to the throne of pay channels of the future. More power to them.

Ghostbusters Reboot Gets Release Date and Cast

Major motion pictures can draw a lot of interest from simple announcements, and when it comes to a franchise with a serious fan following any type of development can prove to be ground shaking. Sony Pictures has proven that the amount of people waiting for the next film in the Ghostbusters franchise represent a huge fan base that could propel the film to greatness. The studio made a few announcements in regard to the reboot of the film series.

According to Screen Rant, a reboot of “Ghostbusters” will make its theatrical debut in July of 2016, which gives the company plenty of time to finalize a cast of female characters intended to breathe life into the story. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon are all in the process of signing deals to act in the film, which is great news for fans like Brian Torchin. He can be found on The news is something of a major win for the rumor mill, which has speculated that an all-female version of the legendary comedy film would hit the big screen.

The new movie is scheduled to begin production later this year, which means additional details will be leaked out on a regular basis so that the massive buzz machine can be put to work. Sony has made some excellent choices for the film behind the camera and now producers have given audiences what they wanted in front of it. As of right now the outlook is pretty positive on the movie returning to greatness.

Hamill to Don Old Trickster Costume


Maybe the producers of The Flash television series are interested in having a little bit of fun. Mark Hamill, as most fans know, is returning as The Trickster. He first played the villain in the 1990’s version of The Flash television series. To say the costume he wore was gaudy would be the understatement of the century. The costume was evocative of the worst elements of the campy late 1950’s D.C. comic books in which silliness ruled the day.

Word has it on that the old Trickster is apparently less than thrilled a new Trickster has shown up on the scene. Hamill’s Trickster decides the time is right to make a comeback and set the youngster straight which will be an interesting introduction to old fans of the comic series like Sergio Lins Andrade.

Hamill’s character will also be a sad sack of sorts. The aged Trickster is going to be an old anarchist who never really left the past behind. He also cannot stand the new Trickster is “messing up” his legacy.

How does The Flash fit into the mix. Surely, he is going to try and stop the evil Trickster (old and new versions) from allowing their mayhem to cause harm to anyone caught in the crossfire.

No, don’t look for an episode that wallows in way too much seriousness. That is not the nature of The Flash television show. The show is about having fun and enjoying old school superhero adventures.

Such is the theme we are bound to see when Hamill returns to his Trickster suit in the episode.

X-Men or X-Factor: Is A New Marvel Series Coming to Fox?

Marvel just might be taking a page out of the handbook of D.C. Comics and is looking to produce a TV series coincides with their movie endeavors. Actually, Fox TV is pondering bringing a X-Men inspired project to the small screen. Marvel Comics has not yet provided any approvals or go-aheads. No green light has been given.

An X-Men TV series might have to take place in a new universe since the stars from the film are not going to be making any appearances. Perhaps Marvel/Fox will follow the D.C. approach.

Fans like Brian Torchin of wonder: What approach is that?

The Flash and Arrow are two inter-twined TV series based on D.C. Comic books, but they will have nothing to do with the expanded D.C. Comics Cinema Universe that begins with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the 2017 release of The Justice League, a completely new Flash who is totally removed from the TV Flash.

Then again, the series could follow the SHIELD strategy and be part of, yet removed, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Instead of the X-Men, we could see a series with X-Factor. The X-Factor book was a spinoff of the X-Men. Many years ago, the popularity of X-Men comics spawned a host of mutant titles and mutant teams.

Could this be the project Marvel and Fox choose to move forward with?

Time will tell, but something featuring heroes is going to show up on Fox. The subgenre of superhero fantasy tales is too hot for such a television series not to be made.